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Martín Vizcarra destituye al Congreso peruano

El presidente gana una batalla de larga duración.

Edición impresa | Las Americas

3 de octubre de 2019El | LIMA

Ever since he became president in March 2018, Martín Vizcarra has been at war with Peru’s congress. This week, on September 30th, their rocky relationship came to a farcical turning point. Mr Vizcarra dissolved congress. The legislature struck back by suspending him from office and choosing the vice-president, Mercedes Aráoz, to replace him. But this looked more like a gesture of defiance than a well-judged counterattack. Ms Aráoz quit within 36 hours. Peru now looks headed towards congressional elections in January. What is not clear is whether this constitutional crackup will break the political deadlock or damage Peru’s democracy.

Peruvians cannot help but be reminded of the last time congress was closed down, in 1992 by President Alberto Fujimori. His “self-coup” led to more than eight years of authoritarian and often brutal rule. He is now serving a 25-year sentence in a Peruvian jail for human-rights abuses.

Link: https://www.economist.com/the-americas/2019/10/03/martin-vizcarra-dismisses-perus-congress

Publicado por: Torres Díaz Karol Shai

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